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Although it shames me to the core to admit it, I was not always the wise and beloved ruler I am today. 

Over the course of the next few days, I’m going to tell the tale of myself and my people. They will each have a chance to speak of their past and the rare and significant opportunity to share it on my blog. 

And of course. We begin with me. 

Alone. I began alone. The others speak of siblings and of kittens, but I do not recall any scents besides that of my true mother and even those are nothing but a feint memory. 

We were separated. I was too young to understand why. I was left alone. All alone. I cried. Humans found me. They bundled me up into a dark, warm cardboard box. I love cardboard. I always have. 

Then there were bright lights and lots of human voices when I arrived at the shelter. I was terrified. They gave me a box. I hid. Those few days were the worst of my life. I was warm. I had food and toys and a fresh clean litter box, but everything kept changing. Everything was loud. 

I was barely two months old when she came skipping into my life. I saw her right away. She was not alone. There was another male with her, but I only he eyes for her. She was distracted by two kittens right up front, but only momentarily. She said my name. She knew I was there. It was fate. 

The kind volenteer who was holding me and trying to teach me how to meow smiled at the woman and asked if she wanted to meet me. She nodded. 

We went to a pen. I was free to run and play with all the toys. A blue circle with a ball in the middle was my favorite. I played and played. Then she picked me up and snuggled me close. I was happy. I was secure. I wasn’t feeling well. I puked all over her shirt. 

The volenteer was mortified, but I laughed my little kitty laugh as I was brought quickly back to my cage. But the young woman only smiled broadly as the volenteer explained that I was just a baby and that happened sometimes. My upset stomach didn’t bother her. 

They left. My heart sank. She didn’t want me. No one did. But then suddenly they were back, I was placed in another cardboard box, this time with my bed and the stuffed bunny that had kept me company over the last few days. 

I was carried to a car. I was not afraid as the box rumbled and moved. The male opened it up and gazed down at me in wonder. 

When we came to a stop, they paused, looking around nervously. The coast was clear. They smuggled me into the little studio apartment where I grew from kit to Queen, adored, snuggled up to the face of my mommy. 

Thank you Mohawk Hudson Humane Society for saving me from sure death out there alone and uniting me with my forever family.